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Green Batak

(11 customer reviews)


250g Maximum Per Order

Ingredients:  Mitragyna Speciosa



250g Maximum Per Order

Ingredients:  Mitragyna Speciosa


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125g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

11 reviews for Green Batak

  1. Jason DeLeone (verified owner)

    This right here is one of my favorite strains of all time! It is potent, enjoyable feeling, overall well balanced; it is also fresh, nice green color!

  2. Jason Sousa (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this Green Batak from MitraMan. The previous review nailed it right on the head. Batak is definitely a smooth, balanced, and good vibes green. Another batch of fire dropped by MM.

  3. Brenton Worley (verified owner)

    The creme de la creme of kratom. This green is really something special. I can’t put into words how fantastic of a strain this is. If you love greens that are motivating, mood lifting and clean, this is the one to go with. My favorite strain from MitraMan, and that’s saying a lot! Absolutely gorgeous green color and aroma on this one. Grab it!

  4. Jason Ski (verified owner)

    This is my staple “get up and go work all day strain”. This picks me up out of my deep slumber at 0400 along with some strong coffee (perfect synergy) and helps to power me through my day. It keeps me calm yet clear headed and motivated. Id say its a perfectly balanced green for sure, I always have at least a few kilos of this ready to go. It is tied for my favorite along with the PMD.

  5. Masey Money

    So I have been seeing mitraman all over reddit!! I had to try some! I finally broke down and bought some. I ordered green batak because this is the one iv seen a ton of people write reviews about. 🙃 today as soon as I opened my package up I dug into the green batak first. (I also ordered hirsuta and premium maeng da) As it kicked in I felt warm and fuzzy and I all my cravings melted away. When the mail arrived I was more than ready and I was waiting for my package to arrive so I could try mitraman for the first time !!! 😃 I have to say now I understand why everyone is going crazy over mitraman!!! This strain speaks for itself. It is strong! I feel lots of energy and I feel amazing! I paid $25 for 125 grams and I paid $25 for 125g of some hirsuta and $25 for 125g for the premium maeng da and I am so happy with my purchase. I am taking my monthly hirsuta break on the 20th for 2 days that’s when I’ll try my hirsuta! I am going to try my maeng da powder tomorrow 🙃I love mitraman and anyone who hasn’t had it don’t wait as long as I did to finally try it. I should’ve ordered a long time ago. Thanks for everyone who helped convince me to try mitraman and thank you mitraman for my order!!! And thanks for my candy !!! I LOVE ginger candy 🍬

  6. NS (verified owner)

    Wow, highest quality and very potent.

  7. Temple Herbalists. (verified owner)

    (0422) bright vibrant and energetic but not buzzy. Holds focus and is just the right speed.

  8. Corrie (verified owner)

    I am loving this Green Batak! Gives me the energy to get on my feet when I’m not quite feelin’ it. Brings an overall feeling of “all is well in my world”. Not a bad place to be! I ALSO dig the sweeties – thanks mitraman!

  9. StuPidasso (verified owner)

    Ordered this on accident. Didn’t realize it until I got it. Well, turns out that was a great mistake. This just stoked actually puts me in a good mood. Not all of it can do that. I’ll be getting more for sure.

  10. EDJ (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying strain. I have to say that this is one of my favorite greens. Great mood uplift, nice even energy. It has nice staying power too. This strain will definitely stay in my rotation.

  11. HeatherFeather (verified owner)

    This IS my go-to. I’ve tried many strains and keep coming back to this one. Definite mood lift. LOVE IT

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Green Batak


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