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Red Horn

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Red Horn

(33 customer reviews)


Elevate your senses with our potent Red Horn Kratom, originating from the fertile soils of Southeast Asia. Unlock its energizing and invigorating effects to enhance your day.


Our Small Batch Red Horn Kratom: Fresh From The Jungles To Your Door

At MitraMan, we believe in offering premium Red Horn Kratom powder directly from the rich soil jungles of Southeast Asia in small batches to your doorstep. We ensure that our strains are sourced to offer the freshest product every time.

Handpicked by skilled farmers who know Kratom cultivation, our organic product is harvested at peak maturity to capture their balanced alkaloid profile and benefits. We take pride in organic sourcing practices, working with local communities to support natural farming methods, and preserving our environment.

From harvesting the Red Horn strain in small batches until it arrives at your door, we prioritize quality and freshness at every step. An advanced laboratory conducts thorough tests for every batch to guarantee its potency. Moreover, we are committed to transparency by outlining the detailed harvesting as well as manufacturing processes of natural Kratom powder.

At MitraMan, our focus is on offering a superior experience for our loyal customers. Our commitment to quality makes us confident that our top-tier products will exceed your expectations.

Order our premium-grade products today and have a positive experience with Kratom!

Distinct Features Of Our Red Horn Kratom

  • Our #1 selling strain
  • Ethically sourced from skilled farmers
  • Indoor-dried for premium-grade and maximum potency
  • Affordable options for beginners & enthusiasts
  • Available for 5-kilo bulk orders


At MitraMan Botanicals, we only believe in providing our customers with organic products. Our premium Red Horn Kratom powder contains only 100% Mitragyna Speciosa. It does not include any additives, fillers, or preservatives.

Discover The Potent Effects Of Our Finest Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Kratom powder's effects

Mood Enhancement:

Many users prefer using our finest Red Horn Kratom powder to improve their spirits and uplift their mood [1] naturally. It helps to refresh you by making you feel more optimistic and brightening your outlook on life.

Relaxation & Tranquility:

Let our top-quality Kratom help you if you struggle to relax [2] after a long and hectic day. Its calming properties can help gently ease your body and mind, allowing you to feel tranquility.

Improved Focus:

Users often report experiencing improved focus and concentration [3] after consuming this strain. Whether tackling demanding tasks or engaging in activities requiring attention, individuals find that our small-batch Red Horn Kratom powder enhances their ability to stay focused for extended periods.

Boost Creative Thinking:

Our highest-quality Red Horn product might be the key to unlocking your creative [4] potential. Stimulating your mind and encouraging divergent thinking enhance your imagination and let you explore new ideas.

Highest Standards For Quality: Buy Red Horn Kratom From MitraMan

lab tested Red Horn Kratom

Third-Party Testing:

At MitraMan, we uphold the highest standards by sending our premium Red Horn Kratom powder through third-party testing. Each small batch goes through careful analysis for impurities, making sure that you get an exceptional product. They also confirm that the final product has no additives or fillers.

sustainable red horn kratom

Sustainably Sourced:

We take pride in sourcing our natural Kratom from skilled farmers who undertake organic practices. We maintain our environment and local communities by prioritizing natural harvesting practices. You can be confident that our clientele will only receive the best environmentally friendly products with us.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed:

Our small-batch products meet quality control standards to avoid impurities and ensure a safer product. Every step of production meets the industry standards, providing the finest products to our customers. Additionally, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to show faith in our products, ensuring total customer satisfaction.




At MitraMan, transparency is an essential value. We believe in delivering our customers with clear and precise information on our sourcing, production, and testing processes. This helps our customers to make informed choices and build trust. Join us in our dedication to transparency and experience the distinction today!

The Different Forms Of Red Horn Kratom


Encapsulating our high-quality Red Horn Kratom offers a convenient way to experience the benefits. Perfect for those on the go, these capsules offer precise dosage and an easy way to enjoy their benefits whenever you are. Simply swallow these capsules with water and experience gentle and immediate effects.

Kratom Tea

Unwind after a hectic day with a soothing cup of tea infused with our potent Red Horn Kratom. It can provide a gentle way to promote relaxation and tranquility. Simply steep it in hot water and indulge in the calming effects with every sip.


Start your morning routine with a nutrient-packed smoothie infused with our lab-tested Red Horn Kratom powder. Blend our fine-textured Kratom powder with your favorite nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc., for a delicious and energizing beverage. Kickstart your day with vitality with a smoothie.

Storing Our Red Horn Kratom: Maintain Its Freshness

Proper storage is essential to maintain the freshness and potency of our finest Red Horn Kratom. Some of the storage guidelines are:

  • Keep them in an opaque, airtight container to prevent light, air, and humidity exposure.
  • Avoid placing our small-batch Kratom products in locations where the temperature keeps fluctuating frequently.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place such as a cupboard or pantry away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store it with the strong smell of spices, as they will change its taste and aroma.

Following these tips ensures that your small batch of Kratom powder stays fresh and potent over a long time.

Buy Small Batch Red Horn Kratom From MitraMan Today: Exceptional Shopping Experience

Wholesale Options

Wholesale Options

MitraMan Botanicals has various wholesale options to cater to different needs and tastes. Our wholesale options offer competitive prices, excellent customer support, and fast shipping, among other services aimed at ensuring seamless transactions.

credit card processing

Credit Card Processing

When purchasing our small-batch Red Horn Kratom powder, experience the convenience and flexibility of credit card processing. We accept all major credit cards, making completing your transaction quickly and efficiently easy.

Keep Personal Details Safe

Keep Personal Details Safe

MitraMan values your privacy and security more than anything else. Advanced encryption methods ensure that personal information remains safe and confidential. Whether browsing our website or completing your transaction, you can trust that your information is handled securely.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We at MitraMan Botanicals take pride in offering the best quality Red Horn strains and always surpassing your expectations. If you feel unsatisfied with your purchase, our customer support team will help you. Contact us and get refunded 100% of your money spent on that order.

Same Day Shipping

Same-Day Shipping

Buy small-batch Red Horn powder from MitraMan and experience quick shipping options. We know how meaningful it is to receive your orders on time; hence, we offer same-day shipping. When you order from our website, be sure it will be delivered according to the designated timelines so there are no delays.

Commonly Asked Questions About Red Horn Kratom

Do I need to order a certain quantity of Red Horn Kratom?

No, at MitraMan Botanicals, we do not follow a minimum order quantity for the Red Horn strain. However, individual orders are limited to max 250g unless you place a bulk order.

What does Red Horn Kratom powder taste like?

Our small-batch Red Horn Kratom powder is known for its earthy and bitter taste. Some users compare it to the taste of green tea or matcha, with a slightly more bitter and herbal flavor.

Is Red Horn strain legal in my state?

Yes, the Red Horn strain is legal in most areas of the United States. However, it may vary depending on your local laws and regulations. Thus you should stay informed about the latest changes to ensure compliance with laws.

How long does our Red Horn Powder take to kick in?

Typically, one can feel the effects within 15 to 20 minutes. However, in some cases, it can take up to 45 minutes. This is because the onset time can differ based on many factors, such as amounts consumed, individual metabolism, and tolerance.

Can I buy Red Horn Kratom in bulk quantities?

Currently, MitraMan offers the Red Horn strain in two quantities: 125g and 250g. Higher quantities are available if you place a bulk or wholesale order.


Our small-batch Red Horn Kratom is not intended to be used as an alternative for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any medical condition. If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, have any medical condition, or are on medication, please consult a healthcare professional before using this powder. Keep this product out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental consumption. Use responsibly and follow local laws and regulations.


Use caution and moderation when consuming Red Horn. Overindulging might lead to adverse effects. In case you experience any adverse response, stop taking it immediately and seek medical assistance right away. Do not operate heavy machines or drive under the influence of this strain. Finally, note that the FDA has not evaluated the information on this page and should not be interpreted as medical advice.

Directions of Use

Our small-batch Red Horn is sold exclusively to people over 21 years old. Start by using a small amount, then increase it gradually if necessary. Mix it with your drink or food, or take capsules so that you don’t taste its bitterness. Individual experiences may vary, so one must not exceed the recommended serving size at any cost. Lastly, use responsibly and keep in a cool, dry place only.

Additional information


125g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

33 reviews for Red Horn

  1. Jason DeLeone (verified owner)

    Just like the pic; this is a very green colored Red! It is very potent! I love it! I have recommended it to just about everyone i know who uses kratom. I only wish i found Mitraman sooner!

  2. Devon Roth

    This is one of the best strains I have tried. Got it in my sample pack and just placed another order for some.

  3. Evan (verified owner)

    My go-to red from Mitraman. Bright colored green, relaxing and great for end of day.

  4. Chase Leviner (verified owner)

    This is a great red. Really relaxing and mood lifting for me.

  5. Chase (verified owner)

    Great red, love it for my late night session.

  6. Luciano Brascoupe (verified owner)

    Wonderful red, always high quality when it comes to Mitra Man.

  7. James Cameron (verified owner)

    The red horn is wonderful! It is a must try! Its perfect for an end of day/night burn. The quality is excellent as is everything ive gotten from mitraman.

  8. Romani4615 (verified owner)

    Have been Buying for over 6 months now, it’s my absolute favorite wind-down strain. It’s phenomenal.

  9. Temple Herbalists. (verified owner)

    (0422) This is way to energizing for me in a red. Each time I try it I’m up most the night. Even in the day I find it gives allot of energy which makes me a little anxious. Great fresh product just not at all what I wanted.

  10. Brittany Kolb (verified owner)

    I like to try the other strains but I always end up adding red horn to my shipment too. It’s just so good. If you’re not sure what red to buy, go with this one. It’s nice and relaxing.

  11. Adam Barber (verified owner)

    This came in my sample pack and I immediately purchased 250 for my next order. Definitely what I look for in a red, very relaxing with an excellent mood lift and quick onset. But it’s not too sedating. I would say perfect.

  12. Tim Wood (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this red horn. And the price was insane. I definitely picked a great choice for my first small batch order.

  13. Sean Pollock (verified owner)

    Nighttime or during the day if you have it with a green JK. The aroma by itself is really chill. Always quality product.

  14. StuPidasso (verified owner)

    Best red I’ve ever had and have had a lot of small batch kratom. Even stuff from a place you have to get a membership for. Honestly this yet again more great kratom from this vendor. I love this one before bed.

  15. Ronda Verot (verified owner)

    Best Kratom for nighttime EVER! Mitramans Kratom has been excellent every time!! No complaints just praise!! I’ve tried so many vendors. No consistent product at all! Mitraman has been excellent each and every time I have ordered! I have ordered 5 times! Usually its tice and then moving on to the next vendor! Thank you MitraMan for an excellent product!

  16. devjon (verified owner)

    This Red Horn is the most soothing and sedating red I’ve ever tried. If you enjoy reds, this is the best I’ve ever had. I’ve been a red enthusiast for several years, and have a high tolerance. It’s amazing stuff!

  17. matt shaw (verified owner)

    I close every day with this red. Very potent and relaxing. I ordered from Mitraman more than a year ago, and haven’t bothered with anyone else since. Always consistent and highest quality.

  18. Daniel Desaire (verified owner)

    this was batch 12/22 took 3.5 gs, very fresh taste to it, also very fine grind, seems like some of the finest grinded kratom I’ve ever had to be honest.
    effects for me came on within the first 10 minutes of the dose. warm fuzzy feeling euphoric feeling in the pit of my stomach that radiates all throughout my body. i have bad feet, it seemed to help relieve which I’m grateful for. heavy feeling in my eyes. doesn’t seem to give me any energy but I’m sure if I were actually busy or in a smaller amount it would. an hour into it i understand why people recommend pairing it with a mid/fast green or white! im sleeeeeeepy! overall I am definitely impressed with mitraman and his red horn, for sure going to be in my rotation, glad i decided to give other vendors a chance! Oh yeah also I really really appreciate the bonus bag of red elephant included! wasn’t expecting an extra full size bag, it was a pleasant surprise! thank you very much Mitraman crew

  19. Joshua

    I would qualify this as a good daytime red

  20. Logan Walters (verified owner)

    I love this Red! Red Horn won’t let you down. Wonderful for relaxing:) Awesome quality

  21. Scott (verified owner)

    So red don’t usually mesh with me, they make my stomach bloated and I can get irritable and sluggish. Saw good reviews about this one on here and reddit, and that it is kinda like a green. Well I’ve used it the last two nights and approve big time for this strain. Just really comfortable in the body and mind equally . And it seems to be one of the few strains I’m not clenching and grinding my jaw really bad which causes some problem when I sleep. I def recommend even if reds aren’t your thing.

  22. Travis D. (verified owner)

    My favorite strain ever. Slow, deep, relaxing, long lasting. Perfect!

  23. cameron coomer (verified owner)

    This is so far the best kratom I’ve ever had. Will definitely be ordering more and trying other reds from MitraMan.

  24. Jill (verified owner)

    Red Horn is my favorite strain. I’ve tried many vendors but so far, MM red horn is my favorite!

  25. Steph (verified owner)

    Great stuff
    Hits beautifully.
    Well packaged with care.
    Extra goodies in there.
    It cannot be any more obvious that this vendor cares about the customer experience.
    And it ships to Canada, just might take a couple extra days – more than worth the small wait.

  26. Themanbehindthemask (verified owner)

    Definitely my go-to. I got into the whole kratom thing bout 6 months ago. After extensive research on who the best vendor I should go to. Mitraman was the obvious choice. First time I tryed was during a “not so hot” batch. Which was red Bali.
    I had then discovered the red horn. Besssst and most consistent red on this site.
    I’ve tryed about 80% of his stock and it’s the red horn that has the most benefits 😁.
    Stay loyal to MMB … It just keeps getting better 😀

  27. Leisa (verified owner)

    Excellent red for late afternoon early evening tea! I’ve been hearing nothing but positive things about Mitraman Red Horn & it certainly has come through for me! 10/10

  28. GameFace 707 (verified owner)

    I just got this new batch and I never write reviews but this was strongest I’ve had of the red horn. Long legs, strong positive effects, and you don’t need much. Great job.

  29. silentestdemise (verified owner)

    I dont think ive ever had a five star leaf before this. This stuff hit like my first time. Hopefully you guys don’t change suppliers or change anything up because it’s my new favorite red out of all the vendors in my rotation. This flame broiled red horn has earned a spot on my kratom shelf for life 👌

  30. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’m new to kratom, and read about this strain and vendor off of reddit. I only heard good things about this strain, so I gave it a try. My husband and I were not disappointed! It’s amazing! Mood boost, some energy,but not jittery or overwhelming. Will def buy again!

  31. Karin Noble

    Amazing red, and normally I don’t care for the effects of red stains. This is fantastic! 10 out of 10. Energizing relief. Takes me from Eyore to Tigger. LOVE!!!

  32. Chuck (verified owner)

    Great mood boost and mild energy for me.Fresh and great bring a must have.

  33. Melissa (verified owner)

    Wow this was sooo good!! For more than a month, i haven’t been feeling almost anything. I had bought from 4 separate stores and none was working for me. And two of those stores are my go to stores that always work. I think part of the problem was my tolerance. But thanks to Mitra Man the slump has finally ended!

    This red horn is top notch! It feels uplifting and euphoric. If u are usually a Maeng Da person then i suggest u try this! It is a great strain for when u gain a tolerance to Maeng Da. I would say it’s a cross between a green and red.

    Thanks Mitra Man!

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Red Horn


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